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Steering Clear of Liability: Training for School Bus Drivers This video training program drives home the concern of unauthorized stops and schedules! Train drivers to avoid legal detours created when a driver doesn't follow the rules. LEARN MORE

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Confidential Records: Training for School Bus Drivers The only video training program about confidentiality created for school bus drivers! This award-winning program meets federally-mandated prerequisites for drivers to get the information they need. LEARN MORE

"LEGAL ROUTES": Your roadmap to pupil transportation law and compliance

legal routes This bi-monthly newsletter offers analysis you can understand, experience you can benefit from, and a foundation you can depend on for the critical decisions transportation officials must make. LEARN MORE

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Peggy and Pete Meslin, Director of Transportation at Newport-Mesa (CA) U.S.D. are blogging!

About Education Compliance Group, Inc.

Peggy Burns
Peggy Burns

Mark Hinson

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We know your job is the safe transportation of students who are ready to learn. Our purpose is to help transportation officials provide access to education services without the costly and emotionally-draining distractions of legal issues, personnel dilemmas, and operations puzzles. The Mission of Education Compliance Group, Inc., then, is to help you make defensible decisions that further your goals.

With her husband Mike, Peggy started Education Compliance Group, Inc. in 1995 with the recognition that transportation officials must act and react in so many arenas – all with legal implications: student management and discipline; employee hiring, evaluation, discipline, and termination; developing and enforcing policy in all areas of transportaion operations – just to name a few. And all that’s in addition to driving!
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